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Yen prices have fluctuated sharply in recent months. Due to this influence, you can buy Japanese products cheaply from overseas.
You can purchase with a budget of about 70% from the product price up to a few months ago. We recommend you to purchase at this opportunity!

New Product
European streets series

European streets series "STREETS of EUROPE"

The long-awaited Samurai fan.
The ATAKE BUNE is finally on sale!

"ATAKE BUNE" Japanese Sengoku-era Warship Model kit, by Woody JOE

Wooden Scale Model Kits / Woody JOE

Woody JOE is the only manufacturer in Japan that manufactures wooden ship model kits.
and see the wooden architectural models of beautiful Japanese temples and castles.


Kiharie Art Kit

"KIHARIE ART KIT" is a handmade paper-cutting art using natural wood.
Please enjoy the world of KIHARIE ART KIT that anyone can easily start.

Japanese Buddha Statues Figure, by Isumu
We have started selling the ultimate Japanese Buddha statue.
As a heart-healing interior, as a touching art piece, by your side ...

BISYAMON-TEN / S-Class / Buddhist Statues figure, by IsumuBOSATSU HANKA / Standard / Buddhist Statues figure, by IsumuASYURA / S-Class / Buddhist Statues figure, by Isumu

"Byodoin Hououdo" Assembly process video.

"Byodoin Hououdo"
Assembly process video.

1/75 Scale "Byodoin Hououdo",

This "woody Joe 1/75 scale byodoin temple" was assembled in our shop. After 4 to 5 hours of assembly work per day, it was completed on the 21st day.
Please see the assembly process!

Customer thanks sale!
This store sells at purchase gifts and discounted prices

To wooden model purchase customers
We are offering Japanese traditional accessories to customers who have purchased wooden models!
There are various items such as fans and towels depicting the landscape of Japan.
Please look forward to what will be sent to you.

Woody JOE is a manufacturer that produces the only wooden sailing ship model kits in Japan. As for Woody JOE, a wooden architectural model manufactures a beautiful japanese temple and the portable shrine of Japan.

Beautiful wooden model produced by Japanese craftsmen.
Japanese beautiful wooden buildings such as Horyuji and Byodoin.
A characteristic Japanese ship and a model of a sailing ship representative of the world.
Please see beautiful wooden model which Japanese craftsmen planned and manufactured.

1/75 Scale "Seiganto-Ji TEMPLE Sanju-no-To "


1/75 Scale "Rokuon-ji Temple Kinkaku / Golden Pavilion"

A fully improved version of Kinkakuji will be on sale from April 10.
The kit has been completely improved as a kit that is easier to assemble than conventional products.

1/75 Scale "Rokuon-ji Temple Kinkaku"

1/150 Scale "Shuri Castle"
Wooden Ryukyu Kingdom Castle Model, by Woody JOE

1/150 Scale "Shuri Castle"

Japan's 12 Castle Towers
The precious 12 castle towers

Japan's 12 Castle Towers / The precious 12 castle towers

1/75 Scale "Horyu-ji Temple Kondo"
The model of Horyuji Kondo has been improved to make it easier to assemble.

1/75 Scale "Horyu-ji Temple Kondo"

Japanese pagoda Model Kits

Japanese pagoda Model / Woody JOE

Tokugawa Shogunate and Edo culture

Tokugawa Shogunate and Edo culture

Japanese old Houses Model

Japanese old Houses Model / Woody JOE



New product. We just started receiving orders!

USS SUSQUEHANNA, World Sailing Ship

KINTAI BRIDGE / Historical bridges in Japan

Historical bridges in Japan, by Woody JOE

Japanese Castle Model  Kits

Japanese Castle Model

Japanese Temple Model Kits

Japanese Temple Model

"Chionin Sanmon"Japanese Temple Model

chionin sanmon

"AZuchi Castle" Japanese Castle Model

1/150 Scale "Azuchi Castle" Wooden Japanese Castle Model, by Woody JOE

"Aizu SAZAEDO Entsu Sansodo" Japanese Temple Model

1/75 Scale "Aizu SAZAEDO Entsu Sansodo"

53 Stations of the Tōkaidō Series

53 Stations of the Tōkaidō Series

Japanese Battle ship YAMATO / I-400 class Submarine

apanese Battle ship YAMATO / Woody JOE

Wooden Ship Model Kits by Woody JOE
Woody Joe is the only wooden sail boat model maker in Japan.
Products introduced at this shop are using laser-processed precision wooden parts and pursuing ease of assembly.

Wooden Museum Model Kits / by Woody JOE Woody JOE. reproduces Khufu ship with a wooden kit.

Museum Model

Wasen - Japanese Style Ship / by Woody JOE. While the Western ship made use of the keel to enlarge, the Japanese ship features a structure that does not use the keel. Please see the hull structure different from the sailboat in Europe.

WASEN / japanese style ship

1/64 Scale "Charles Royal Yacht" Wooden Sailing Ship Model, by Woody JOE

World Sailing Ship Model

Traditional Japanese architecture / by Woody JOE. It is a palm-sized interior model series reproducing Japanese traditional architectural style.

Traditional Architecture

HISHIKA industry / Super Fine Cut Saw. This saw was produced by Japanese saw craftsmen. Delicate cutting edge doubles the pleasure of making wooden model.

Super Fine Cut Saw

Battleship YAMATO / by Woody JOE. Woody JOE reproduces Japanese battleship YAMATO with a wooden kit.

YAMATO Battle Ship

Woody Joe Japanese castle series map

It is said that there used to be more than 25,000 castles in Japan.
However, the castle gradually declined. There are only 12 castles that the castle tower at the time of construction exists.
Woody Joe's Japanese castle Sealies will continue to increase the product lineup in the future.

japan castle map

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