S-Class / Buddha Statues Figure, by Isumu

The S-Class is the top product that pursues more precise detail expression and overwhelming sense of realism that goes beyond the ultimate in a powerful sense of size. ‘S’ means “Superior”

S-Class / Buddha Statues Figure, by Isumu

BISYAMON-TEN (Vaisravana), Buddha Statue Figure

Buddha Statue Figure
, by Isumu

ASYURA (Asura), Buddha Statue Figure

ASYURA / S-Class
Buddha Statue Figure, by Isumu


Buddha Statue Figure, by Isumu

Thoughts hidden in the three faces of the statue of Ashura

Ashura is the same guardian deity as the Kongo Rikishi statue, but the expression of this statue is different from the expression of intense anger and has a sad expression. This seems to be because Empress Kōmyō made Ashura statue with a soft expression similar to his deceased mother.
You can see the expression of the statue of Asura gradually growing from the right face to the left face and the front face.

The face of the child who bites the lower lip with the youngest expression among the three faces. He looks back at the past and looks as if he is bearing the weight of what he has done.
The face on the front that looks like the oldest of the three faces makes the expression feel sad. On the other hand, the wrinkles engraved between the eyebrows make you feel firm determination. It is a dignified look that looks ahead.

An expression that is a little more adult than the right face. He stops biting he lips and has a sad and serious expression.


A sorrowful expression and a realistic form are reproduced as they are.

Standing figure with three faces and six arms. The beautiful molding is the true value of the Ashura statue.
“Isumu S-Class Ashura” faithfully reproduces the expression of a sorrowful face, the supple and delicate form, and the cracks that have been created over many years. It took about five years to complete the prototype of the Ashura statue.
The coloring of the Buddha image was carefully finished by expert craftsmen. The eye that influences the impression of the Buddha image during the coloring process is the sacred sanctuary where only one craftsman is allowed to color.
It is a Buddha statue that reached the border of beauty by Isumu.