BISYAMON-TEN (Vaisravana), Buddha Statue Figure

ISUMU / S-class / 003034
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Buddha Statue Figure
, by Isumu

Bisyamon-ten is one of the four Heavenly Kings and is often thought of as a god of warfare. In Buddhism, he is a protector of the northern direction.
Many samurais worshipped Bisyamon-ten, particularly during war-torn eras.
Particularly eye-catching is the contrast between the dark body and the strikingly bright white eyes.
“S-Class” is a spectacular size of just over 50cm, pursuing precise details and overwhelming realistic sense of presence. It is the top-quality statue of Isumu. S stand84 169s for “Superior”.


Manufacturer: Isumu
Package size:
Height: 590mm
Width: 273mm
Depth: 217mm
Weight 8400g
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