KARYOBINGA Fue, Buddha Statue Figure

ISUMU / TC / 3527
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KARYOBINGA Fue / Tana Cocoro
Buddha Statue Figure, by Isumu

Kamakura period(1273)
In the teachings of Buddhism, the world where those who believe in Amitabha live after death is called the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss(Sukhavati in Sanskrit), in which there is no suffering.
Kary?binga is a bird living in the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss, whose upper body is a figure of a man. It sings with a beautiful voice, dances lightly, and heals people who go there.It is depicted as a symbol of the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss in Buddha portraits and on the halo of Buddha statues.

迦陵頻伽 笛

Manufacturer: Isumu
Package size:
Height: 159mm
Width: 80mm
Depth: 59mm
Weight 105g
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