"ATAKE BUNE" Japanese Sengoku-era Warship

Woody JOE
WJWSN-08 / Level 3
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1/100 Scale "ATAKE BUNE"
Japanese Sengoku-era Warships
, by Woody JOE
Model making skill - Level 3

About Atakebune
The Atakebune is the strongest and largest warship from the end of the Muromachi period to the beginning of the Edo period.
Its large hull is heavily armed and slow, but during combat it was propelled by dozens of rowers and made small turns. In addition, dozens to hundreds of samurai were able to board the large hull.
Japanese Navy vessels since the late Muromachi period include Atakebune, as well as the small and fast Sekibune and Kobayabune, which is a lighter version of Sekibune, with Atakebune at its core.

In terms of modern ships, Atebune is like a battleship, Sekibune is like a cruiser, and Kobayabune is like a destroyer. This is just an association with the size of the hull.

※Muromachi Period. 1336-1568
※Edo Period. 1603-1869

About the kit
It was designed with reference to the 1/10 exhibition model in the Saga Prefectural Nagoya Castle Museum and the Atakebune drawn on the Hizen Nagoya Castle Ruins folding screen, with the addition of historical evidence from that time.

The hull of a huge wooden warship that remains in Japanese history, called the "Ise ship style", and the castle tower are reproduced.
This product reproduces 64 propulsion devices similar to Western-style oars called "Ro" in Japan. "Ro" is a device that moves the characteristic ships of Japanese ships, and can generate strong propulsive force in a small operating range.

You can realistically reproduce the Atakebune by using plenty of natural wood. When you open the box, the refreshing scent of natural wood spreads.

Mainly high-precision laser machined parts and woodworking machined parts, anchors and shachihoko come with metal parts.
We support the assembly process in an easy-to-understand manner with photos and diagrams.

53 types of wooden parts. 7 types of metal parts. others.
Material: Natural wood such as cypress. metal.
Accessories: Color assembly instructions. Roof pattern. Door full size drawing.
Finished weight: 520g

Manufacturer: Woody JOE
Scale: 1/100
Package size: 615x165x60mm (630x185x85mm / 100size)
full length 490mm
Width: 141mm
Height: 310mm
Assembly reference time: 80hours
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