Buddha Statues Figure, by Isumu

Isumu is a brand that proposes to enjoy Buddha statues in daily life.
Deliver beautiful Buddha statues with unique technology and expressiveness at a satisfactory quality and at a reasonable price. As a relaxing interior and as a moving art, we will provide you with the satisfaction of the heart.

S-Class / Buddha Statues Figure,

S-Class / Buddha Statues Figure

Standard / Buddha Statues Figure,

Standard / Buddha Statues Figure

Tana COCORO / Buddha Statues Figure,

Tana COCORO / Buddha Statues Figure

Isumu's special materials

Polystone that expresses profoundness and delicacy

Isumu's Buddha statue uses a material called "polystone", which is a mixture of stone powder and synthetic resin. The ultimate material that combines the weight of a stone with its delicate expressiveness. The compatibility of paint and gold leaf is also good, and can be expressed delicately.
By changing the combination of stone powder and resin depending on the temperature, humidity, and usage site, we will pursue more durable and finer parts. There is no compromise in manufacturing-that is the Isumu style.

Buddha Statues Figure,

Isumu's special manufacturing method

Buddha Statues Figure, prototype
The first step is the key to determining all quality. It takes about 2 to 5 months to complete the prototype. Using precise calculation and experience-based technology, it is faithful to the real thing, adds deformation, improves reproducibility, and builds until you are satisfied.
Buddha Statues Figure, Molding of parts
For mold removal, a silicon mold with excellent fine expressiveness is used. It is difficult to handle with soft materials alone, and unlike metal molds, there are some that can only be pulled out of about 30 pieces from a single mold. Each piece will be carefully shaped.
Buddha Statues Figure, Polishing / Assembly
Polishing is also an important process that is indispensable. The quality of the Buddha image is determined by the effort to carefully polish every single detail. Smoothed parts are assembled at a fixed angle.
In this important process that determines the impression of Buddha statues, we aim to reproduce perfect modeling beauty.
Buddha Statues Figure, Coloring
This is the most time-consuming process. Using a variety of expression methods, from pigments to gold leaf, we will restore the “history of Buddha statues” for more than a thousand years. In particular, the coloring of the “eye”, which is the decisive factor of the finish, requires a very high level of technology, and is a process that should be called “the sanctuary” that is only allowed by one craftsman among Isumu craftsmen.

Isumu forever with customers

Buddha Statues Figure,

The best form of product packaging is pursued. In order to deliver the impression of a beautifully crafted Buddha image to customers as it is, packaging and shipping are performed using the best possible means.
All the craftsmen and all the staff's thoughts are carefully packed in a packaging material that has been tested repeatedly. Delivered with gloves for safe handling.
The stylish package that embodies the concept of Isumu includes the wish of Isumu that “please put a Buddha statue by the customer forever”.
* Gloves are not attached to the TanaCOCORO series.
Also, the packaging will be a simple package.

Daily care and attention

* Do not use cloth or cleaning sheets.
There is a risk of entanglement and damage of the fibers.
* Some parts use water-soluble paint.
Refrain from wiping with water.
* In places where it is directly exposed to direct sunlight or hot air from heating.
 Please do not place.
There is a risk of deformation at high temperatures.Isumu's Buddha is very delicate. If a strong impact is applied, the fine parts may be damaged. Remove dust adhering to the statue with a soft brush.

Buddha Statues Figure,

Buddha Statues Figure,