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Online store of wooden model kit.

Our shop sells high quality wooden sail boat model made in Japan and wooden building model of Japanese castle and temple.

Woody JOE is a manufacturer that produces the only wooden sailing ship model kits in Japan. As for Woody JOE, a wooden architectural model manufactures a beautiful japanese temple and the portable shrine of Japan.

Beautiful wooden model produced by Japanese craftsmen.
Japanese beautiful wooden buildings such as Horyuji and Byodoin.
A characteristic Japanese ship and a model of a sailing ship representative of the world.
Please see beautiful wooden model which Japanese craftsmen planned and manufactured.

New Model
New product information to be released on June 21.
53 Stations of the Tōkaidō series "Nihonbashi" and "Arai Sekisho". Hikone castle
"Arai Sekisho" Japanese Mini architecture, by Woody JOE"Hikone Castle" Wooden Japanese Castle Model, by Woody JOE"Nihon bashi" Japanese Mini Bridge Model, by Woody JOE

Wooden Museum Model Kits / by Woody JOE Woody JOE. reproduces Khufu ship with a wooden kit.

Museum Model

Wasen - Japanese Style Ship / by Woody JOE. While the Western ship made use of the keel to enlarge, the Japanese ship features a structure that does not use the keel. Please see the hull structure different from the sailboat in Europe.

WASEN / japanese style ship

1/64 Scale "Charles Royal Yacht" Wooden Sailing Ship Model, by Woody JOE

World Sailing Ship Model

Traditional Japanese architecture / by Woody JOE. It is a palm-sized interior model series reproducing Japanese traditional architectural style.

Traditional Architecture

HISHIKA industry / Super Fine Cut Saw. This saw was produced by Japanese saw craftsmen. Delicate cutting edge doubles the pleasure of making wooden model.

Super Fine Cut Saw

Battleship YAMATO / by Woody JOE. Woody JOE reproduces Japanese battleship YAMATO with a wooden kit.

YAMATO Battle Ship

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