HORYU-JI TEMPLE Goju-no-To / Five-storied Pagoda, Japanese pagoda Model

Woody JOE
WJJP 75-04 / Level 2
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1/75 Scale "Horyu-ji Temple Goju-no-To"
Wooden Japanese
Pagoda Model, by Woody JOE
Model making skill - Level 2

About the Horyu-ji Temple-Goju-no-To ( Five-Story Pagoda )
Horyuji Temple Five-storied pagoda which is the oldest wooden building in the world
It is founded in 607 AD. The tower rising above the sky is beautiful and powerful.

The five castle towers that make up the five-storied pagoda represent ground, water, fire, wind, sky from below. Each of the five layers shows its own world (thought), which represents a Buddhist cosmic view.

Horyuji temple English commentary site
Horyuji Temple Wikipedia

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Product information and Japanese culture information. 
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About the model
*The elaborateness that equals a large-scale model is achieved by 1/75 reduced scales.
*It is a new design construction model that not is the introduction so far of the laser sculpture machine.
*Each part was processed in precision and it integrated . Therefore, it became easy to assemble greatly.
*The price sets the price bought easily in this class.
*95 kinds of wooden parts and 14 kind of metallic parts use.
*The production reference time: For about 50 hours

Manufacturer Woody JOE
Scale 1/75
Package size (515x315x115mm / 100size)
Depth 260mmm
Width 260mm
Height 460mm
Assembly reference time: 50 hours
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